The contractual partner for the delivery of shipments is GLS Slovenia, but the provider reserves the right to choose another delivery service if it will be able to fulfill the order more efficiently.

Delivery across Europe within 2-14 working days.

Please note that we are not responsible for delays or costs incurred due to incorrect contact information.

Country Delivery price
Austria €7,5
Belgium €7,5
Bulgaria €20
Czech Republic €10
Denmark €8,8
Estonia €13
Finland €13
France €10
Greece €14
Croatia €7
Ireland €14
Italy €8,8
Latvia €13
Lithuania €10
Luxembourg €7,5
Hungary €10
Germany €7,5
The Netherlands €7,5
Norway €20
Poland €10
Portugal €14
Romania €13
Slovakia €10
Slovenia €3,60 (free above €60)
Slovenia (Ljubljana) €2,60 (free above €60)
Spain €13
Serbia €13
Sweden €13
Switzerland €14
Turkey €14
United kingdom €10

Personal collection

Personal collection is possible in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

1. on Tržaška, Escalash studio (Tržaška cesta 43, Ljubljana, Slovenia, side entrance), Monday to Friday, 10am-4pm.

Your order will be ready for collection within 2-14 working days – you will receive a confirmation SMS or email when it is ready for collection.

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