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Pandeoshop is a store of natural Korean cosmetics, as well as a portal with tips for healthy skincare. The idea of ​​establishing the Pandeoshop online store was born in 2020, when we saw a greater interest and satisfaction in the use of Korean natural cosmetics in foreign markets. As we are nature and animal lovers, we decided to offer Korean cosmetics, which is based on natural ingredients and not tested on animals on the European markets.
Our mission is based on raising the awareness of both women and men about healthy skincare and the right choice of cosmetics and contributing to the long-term preservation of the natural resources of our planet.

Why the name Pandeoshop?

Our concept is based on nature and when we combined all our ideas, we concluded that our trademark becomes a panda. The black and white bear lives in the forests of Asia and is considered a symbol of nature and grace. The ancient Taoist sages who promoted harmony and balance of life saw in the panda the dogmatic concepts of Yin and Yang, i.e. black and white, that are constantly changing and complementing each other. That’s why we choose Pandeoshop.

Our company KVAN Svetovanje d. o. o. has been engaged in business and business services since 2015.

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